Hospital Medical Record Scanning: Success Capsule

By NE Docs | May 25, 2014

A New England medical hospital that has been in business for over 90 years turned to the NEdocs team to scan all of their medical records, with a twist…

Historical Medical Records

The hospital needed a forward moving strategy to scan incoming paper medical records and patient charts while also scanning every medical record since they opened their facility almost a century ago. Their space for storing these records had become full, and they needed to remodel their facility to make way for more office and patient care space. Additionally, our client needed to preserve this information for research purposes and for the continued overall care provided to their patients.

Because these records dated back to the early 1900s, the quality of the documents varied greatly. Many of their hand written and typed records needed the highest degree of quality scanning so that the preservation and quick access of the medical information was legible, researchable, and fully HIPAA compliant.

Medical Record Scanning Solutions

Outsourcing the scanning of these records was a hard choice for the hospital to make – and confidentiality was of the utmost concern. Our client trusted our team to make this project a successful one. We set to work immediately by incrementally picking up hundreds of boxes from the hospital on a regular basis. All of these medical records were scanned, with particular attention given to older paper documents that required careful handling. Our scanning technology allowed us to stop and alter images that did not meet our strict image quality guidelines. This resulted in a higher degree of legibility than a regular scanner.

The end result? We were able to solve our clients issue and produce high quality records that will be preserved for the future.

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