How Accounts Payable Automation Works

By NE Docs | July 8, 2014

AP Automation

If you are currently investigating an Accounts Payable solution, then you are looking for the benefits that AP automation can have. When it comes to your company’s finances – ROI is the name of the game. However, once you have discovered the benefits that accompany a great AP automation solution, you now have to understand how the process works.


How our Accounts Payable Automation Works

AP Automation FlowchartWith our AP automation solution, powered by Vision360 Enterprise, you can:

  • Immediately access your documents electronically
  • Easily track all received invoices
  • Ensure corporate compliance & controls
  • Access full reporting including unaccrued liabilities
  • Increase process transparency
  • Improve customer & vendor service
  • Decrease the time and cost of invoice processing
  • Eliminate payment errors

If you want to get even more out of your Accounts Payable software, you can also enhance the process with AP pre-processing. With a pre-processing invoice mailroom, your suppliers send their invoices to a dedicated PO Box – instead of to your regular mail. From there, our team can:

  • Retrieve, open, and sort your mail
  • Convert your mail into electronic records
  • Manage your email invoices
  • Electronically match your invoices to your ERP system

With our staff opening envelopes and performing data entry, your accounting staff can focus on more important functions. Consider this – any time that an AP department spends performing clerical tasks is time that you are paying an AP professional’s rate for clerical work.

Benefits of AP Automation

If you would like to learn more about how Accounts Payable Automation software or Invoice Pre-Processing works, speak with one of our representatives now at (603) 625-1171.

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