How to Evaluate Document Scanning Prices

By NE Docs | July 17, 2014

How to Evaluate Document Scanning Prices

As you begin your company’s journey towards eliminating its paper burden – there are many questions to consider. What files are you going to digitize? Who is going to scan the files? How are these electronic files going to be transferred? How will they be managed?

While each of these inquiries are important in your decision making process, there is one question that should stand above the rest –

How much does document scanning cost?

The Price of Document Scanning

The evaluation stage is the most difficult step in any business decision – as the choices that you make today will have long lasting effects on your business moving forward. In order to ensure your success in finding the best document scanning services prices, you must first understand the many steps involved in the document scanning process and how these steps can affect the final price tag on your file conversion.

There is much more to scanning than one might think. In fact, there are several steps involved in the document scanning process – each with their own costs. From document preparation to quality assurance and indexing, there are plenty of charges to be cautious of. It is important to establishthat the upfront price you are quoted includes ALL of the services necessary to perform a quality service.

In order to help you qualify a document scanning service bureau and discover the true price of document scanning services, we have compiled a list of questions to help your investigation:

Document Scanning Questions

  • Do they charge per page? Per record box? (How many pages does a box hold?)
  • Will you be charged handling fees?
  • Is indexing included in the scanning service price?
  • Is file preparation included?
  • Can you prepare your own files?
  • Is there a minimum number of documents to qualify for a document scanning project?
  • Will I be charged differently depending on the type of files being scanned (legal vs. letter size)
  • Do you charge extra for quality control steps?
  • Will I be charged a storage fee while my documents are being processed?
  • What are my options for document storage? Document shredding?
  • What are my shipping options for transporting my records?
  • Will I be charged a pick-up fee?
  • How will images be produced (PDF, TIFF, etc.)?
  • Will different file formats cost extra?
  • How will my converted files be delivered? FTP, CD, hard drive, etc.? What is the cost for each option?
  • Can I store my documents in a document management system?

Not every document scanning project is the same –every organization has their own unique requirements. This is why it is critical that you partner with a scanning bureau that can meet any of your needs while being upfront with their pricing. The more informed you are as a consumer, the more likely you are to identify a quality vendor.

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