How to Scan with Your iPhone

By NE Docs | August 13, 2014

How to Scan with Your Iphone

Whether you are at home or in the office, there is still an abundance of physical paper – easily misplaced and inconvenient to manage/store. While a document scanning solution is recommended for businesses with a wealth of important files to convert – your own personal needs may be better served by scanning documents or photos with your iPhone.

While mobile scanning apps are not the most polished tools for converting paper into electronic documents, they can make your life much easier. From scanning important paperwork to logging your receipts, a mobile solution can help you digitize your paper without the need of a flatbed scanner and the frustrations that come with it.

In order to help you scan with your iPhone, we wanted to provide some insight into the scanning tools available.

iPhone Scanning Apps

Scanner Pro by Readdle$3.99

At $3.99, Readdle’s Scanner pro is one of the more expensive iPhone scanning applications. However, Scanner Pro makes up for its price point with its combined ease of use and multitude of features. Many of its features involve the management of documents after they have been converted, including the ability to: Password protect PDFs / Move, delete, combine pages/ Upload to Dropbox, Evernote, or any other WebDAV server.

TurboScan by Pixoft$5.99

This app may not currently hold the top slot, but it does come with a reputation. TurboScan includes features such as:

  • Manually adjusted brightness
  • Screen rotation
  • 3 primary scanning modes (black-and-white, color, and photo)
  • Will compensate for skewed or curved images
  • Can take 3 images and blend to create 1 higher resolution document

This particular iPhone scanning app once held the seat as the #1 business app for 5 consecutive months back in 2012. Much more technically sophisticated than its peers, TurboScan is definitely geared towards the more tech-savvy user.

JotNot Scanner by MobiTech 3000FREE

While JotNot is a more “barebones” application, it is a highly capable app for its $0 price tag. This app works much like a pocket-sized copy machine, used to simply capture and email documents. The software is able to crop photos, auto-adjust contrast, and even convert color to black-and-white in order to optimize text. Unfortunately, unlike other iPhone scanning apps, this one does not support email sharing, Wi-Fi printing, or PDF conversion.

Genius Scan by The Grizzly Lab – FREE

Another free to use software, Genius Scan performs very similar to JotNot. Genius Scan will:

  • Correct perspective, focus, etc. for text optimization
  • Will straighten/align images
  • Create black-and-white images
  • Scan multiple pages and merge as one file
  • Create PDF files

If you purchase the premium version of this app, you will also be able to share your converted electronic documents with Google Docs, DropBox, and Evernote.

Perfect OCR by Pixoft$0.99

Most iPhone scanning apps are not designed to translate photos into editable text. Perfect OCR was designed in order to address this notion.

Not only will Perfect OCR identify and translate characters into digital text, but it is specifically designed to overcome many of the obstacles that face a successful OCR. Armed with Pixoft’s Sure Scan, this app will help compensate for shakiness, create multipage PDFs, and email docs.

Pixoft claims that this iPhone scanning app is capable of translating images into full text with 90% accuracy – an impressive number for a hand-held OCR product.

Scanning with your iPhone is as simple as finding the right tool for you. Try the apps above and see if they can help reduce your own personal paper burden. If we missed any apps that should be on this list – please share!


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