How to Simplify Employee Lifecycle Management

By NE Docs | February 11, 2022

How To Simplify Employee Lifecycle Management

HR professionals are in the business of managing employee lifecycles; guiding each employee through recruiting, onboarding, development, retention, and finally offboarding. Unfortunately, many HR departments are still using legacy HR tools and processes. The staff cannot keep up with the burgeoning demand for signing on new employees, keeping them engaged, and meeting all planning and compliance responsibilities.

Having historical and current data about your employees as they progress through their careers is essential for you to both engage and retain these people, so they accomplish goals for both themselves and the organization. Current data that’s secure and easily accessible by your team plays a huge role in your organization’s business requirements as well as employee satisfaction.

Paper won’t cut it!

Unfortunately, legacy paper-based HR tools and processes cannot keep pace with the demands of today’s employee regulations, training requirements and the competitive talent search environment. For example, tracking your recruitment and onboarding efforts can be a nightmare without modern digital tools and processes that accurately record and bookmark the path to getting good candidates hired with the required information and background screening. Imagine trying to do it all or even part of it with hard copy and snail mail!


Digitizing is not enough.

Paper files locked in old file cabinets, as well as digital files stored on CDs and unshared servers are not readily accessible for data retrieval and sharing amongst team members and stakeholders. These age-old methods hinder your staff from being productive in daily operations and transactions. They also prevent you from easily accessing data for strategic analysis and planning. How do you know if your employees are completing required compliance training? How can you manage engagement activities to keep employees interested in the work they are doing? How can you prevent security issues when offboarding employees if you cannot immediately check what devices they have, and login credentials you need to terminate?

Customized software tools provide the necessary resources needed by HR professionals to succeed in today’s complex employment environment. These tools are set up to intelligently handle all phases of the employee lifecycle:  Recruit > Onboard > Develop > Retain > Offboard.

Transform and Simplify Your HR Processes

Digital enterprise records management is the key to HR achieving its business objectives. Digitizing paper files and centralizing data currently siloed in file cabinets, unshared drives, and servers will significantly improve access by team members and other stakeholders. Totally replacing these old storage methods is crucial to improving the efficiency of your HR team. NEdocs provides the document scanning services and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software solutions that streamline employee lifecycle management from recruiting to offboarding and all HR support procedures in between.

Digitally managing every data point along an employee’s lifecycle will allow your staff to effortlessly locate and access any HR data pertaining to that employee.  Generating accurate reports with ease and more rapidly responding to potential opportunities and challenges can positively impact and transform your organization.

Consider the key benefits digital record keeping offers each stage in the employee lifecycle:

  • Access all historical and current employee records and data – All employee data is in one organized, secure database. No more confusing spreadsheets or cluttered paper files.
  • Manage data from anywhere – Support your staff’s busy schedules with access to information from mobile and web applications.
  • Optimize workflows and approvals – Avoid bottlenecks and slow approval processes. Decisions can be made promptly.
  • Simplify HR reporting and analytics – Reporting is effortless and timely, so you can create and share reports quickly. And with the information your reports provide, you can make strategic decisions with confidence.
  • Reduce labor costs significantly – Over the life of each employee the savings is multiplied by how many employees HR is managing.
  • Protect company assets and reduce liability risk – Digital records simplify the offboarding process and secure the data from theft and other breaches.

The best way to improve your HR workflows is through a digital transformation. As a SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2 audited facility, NEdocs has the experience and credentials to guide you in implementing the HR employee records management scanning and software solutions you need. We offer “best in breed” scanning, digitization and software solutions, industry-leading technology, and the highest service standards.

With four decades of experience in digital document management, NEdocs offers the ideal combination of expertise and technology to assist you in streamlining your HR operations, reducing costs, and freeing up talented staff for the recruiting and retention efforts that are so vitally important today.

From recruiting through offboarding, your digital employee records will be more secure and readily accessible by HR personnel. For further information about digitally transforming your HR department and employee data management, feel free to contact us online or call (603) 625-1171.

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