HR Leadership in Business Processes During a Crisis

By NE Docs | April 10, 2020

HR Leadership in Business Processes During a Crisis

When there is a crisis affecting your company, such as the current Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic, Human Resources leadership stands at the edge of the precipice struggling with the answer to this question: how can we ensure both the continued success of the company and the well-being of our employees? With the real possibility of issuing furloughs and terminations to comply with government-dictated “social/physical distancing,” now is not the time to get bogged down with legacy policies and procedures, which can greatly delay your ability to respond.

HR Professionals’ Call to Action

The Economist recently reported, “The instinct is to cut costs through mass redundancies, as some hotel chains, airlines and others have begun doing. ‘Rather than slash payrolls indiscriminately,’ says Bill Schaninger of McKinsey, another consultancy, ‘good HR heads can use the crisis to reconfigure company workflow: what needs to be done now and by whom, what can be automated and what requires people to share the same space. Some workers who at first appear redundant may be redeployed or reskilled’.”

As an HR professional, you are looked to by company leadership, employees and contractors to know what needs to be done to keep not only their professional life safe and secure. You can also be helpful to their personal lives. Having information that is current, proactive, and at your fingertips is crucial to what happens for them next.

With this pandemic, many businesses have closed their facilities, and their employees are either stranded because of lockdown on travel, or now working from home. The key elements for both your company and employees surviving this crisis include:

  • Keeping the company operating
  • Providing effective communications
  • Making available the appropriate tools

Being able to manage and deploy the associated and available resources is crucial and HR departments have much experience to offer here.

Automation and Digital Resources to the Rescue

The solution to responding to an upheaval like we’re experiencing with COVID-19 entails utilizing digital platforms and documents as well as automated processes. By eliminating the inefficiencies of manual operations and keeping people working remotely to stay safe, you have the opportunity to greatly improve your company’s ability to adapt and create new efficiencies.

NEdocs offers extensive assistance with digital document management and automated process solutions. Our cloud-based document management and client portals are essential tools for employees who work remotely.

We believe that HR departments must be accessible and responsive during this crisis and they need to be at the forefront of the latest workflow technology to help their companies compete, grow and develop in our increasingly digitally-connected world. Looking at risk versus reward, a fully digital (paperless) HR department makes complete sense. Having all important documents in one easy-to-search database will significantly reduce the stress of everyone in the department as well as improve employee engagement.

Surviving the Current Crisis

Here are a few resources NEdocs recommends for responding effectively and efficiently during the crisis.

  • Digital Personnel Files: simplify your ability to manage and react to change. Essentially, everything related to hiring, the employment relationship and termination are found in those files. Our software and cloud solutions make managing all employee information easy.
  • AP Automation: helps your accounting and supply chain management team be more efficient, predictable and responsive. This translates improved product flow, and better supplier relations.
  • E-forms and Electronic Signatures: makes you more responsive to change. Any organization with the need to complete and update paperwork – such as medical or HR records, can dramatically improve their efficiency with a well-developed e-forms solution. Think of all the forms you may need to manage during this time of remote work, layoffs and furloughs. Using e-forms simplifies your ability to gather and manage the data, including I-9s, W-4s, tax forms, policy acknowledgements, agreements, contracts and benefits.

For further information about enabling your Human Resource team to manage resources and processes more effectively during the uncertainty of this pandemic, please contact us at (603) 625-1171.

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