Improve the Onboarding Experience with a Paperless HR Department

By NE Docs | February 14, 2019

Improve the Onboarding Experience with a Paperless HR Department

Getting new hires up to speed with your organization’s policies and processes takes time, resources and sometimes a little patience. Learning curves are different for everyone and providing both an edifying and welcoming experience to your new talent can be a challenge.

Depending on the size of your business, the complexity of its internal procedures and the levels of HR legal compliance required, onboarding a new employee can be quite a process! For some small businesses, it could be as simple as filling out a W-2 tax form and adding them to the payroll. For enterprise level organizations, it can involve sophisticated background checks as well as complying with multiple federal and state benefits regulations. Employee records privacy is also of crucial importance. The fact is, your hiring and onboarding procedures require “paperwork,” meaning thorough and accurate documentation.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has significantly increased the number of laws and required employment forms that many medium-sized businesses and some small businesses must comply with. There’s a whole new world of regulations that need to be addressed today. The ACA uses the number of employees and hours worked to determine how the business is affected. Proper employee classification and documentation has become more critical than ever before!

Many companies still bring out a stack of papers for new employees to fill out by hand. Each paper document becomes a legal record that needs to be properly indexed, filed and protected. Though still common, this pen and paper practice potentially exposes sensitive employee records to mishandling, theft, damage or loss. A paperless HR system makes the onboarding documentation process easier, faster and more secure.

Full Filing Cabinets vs. Fully Functioning and Compliant

You have the option of using file drawers to stash away your vital HR records, hoping all the index tabs remain intact and that every document is properly alphabetized. When you need to reference specific employee documents, you hope and pray that each piece of paper is exactly where it’s supposed to be. If there’s only one paper copy and it’s missing, problems can ensue.

When it comes to onboarding efficiency, a seamless connection to electronic personnel files gives an immediate advantage over paper. New employees and other users can access documentation easily using HR software or other document management applications. Forms are completed electronically and sent in batches or individually to Third Party Administrators (TPAs) and internal databases.

HR is Compliance HQ

Your HR Department needs to provide timely access on demand to current as well as archived personnel records. Tight security and compliance regulations govern how this information is protected. Paperless onboarding and HR record keeping allows you to pull any current or past employee folder right into view. All documents are indexed for easy identification and retrieval enabling companies to better protect themselves from exposure to personnel related issues and disputes.

Having forms completed with all required information is crucial for successful HR documentation. One of the key advantages of creating and keeping electronic employee records is the ability to specify all “required” information on onboarding forms so the documents can only be submitted as complete. You have the peace of mind knowing that your HR database can serve up any and all needed information whenever it’s called for.

Instantaneous document retrieval using different indexing categories makes record searches easier for more people in the organization. Documents can be queried according to dates, locations, names, departments or any other classification. By indexing your HR files, you can also keep track of date sensitive documents such as those with renewals or expirations.

Create, Store, Access and Manage

The time has come for organizations to convert their HR filing areas into digital document management systems to provide a better new employee experience and maintain compliant record keeping. Laws and corporate policies require retaining documents whether electronic or paper. NEdocs offers secure offsite storage to preserve your records securely while adhering to federal and state document retention policies.

Whenever you need HR document access, whether for benefits calculations, an audit or simply to answer a basic HR related question, you can instantly find the proper electronic employee record. HR directors, management, benefits administrators and auditors have immediate access to only the files they are authorized to see, assuring that privacy and security rules are followed. HR documents can also be linked to your HRIS System for integrated viewing.

Employee records and personnel documents have a long shelf life – in many cases anywhere from 1 year until the end of time. Most older records originated on paper. HR scanning solutions support HR information management for:


  • Recruiting activities
  • Employee on-boarding, including I-9 management
  • Benefits enrollment and administration
  • Performance reviews
  • Skills assessment and training
  • Employee separation
  • Time cards


Your HR Department can take the lead!

If you’re still wondering about how HR scanning and document management services can improve your business, feel free to contact us for a complimentary assessment of your HR files. (603) 625-1171


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