Improving Your Manufacturing Processes

By NE Docs | August 5, 2015

Improving Your Manufacturing Processes

So you want to improve the visibility, control, and profitability of your manufacturing processes? Great!

But where should you start?

The simple answer is…automation.

Manual processes tend to be prone to errors, time consuming, and more costly to run. In reality, just about every manual process can be automated through the right software, saving you copious amounts of labor and money. Not to mention the benefits of lowering error rates, product consistency, and faster operations.

Sounds pretty good right?

Sure, there is a need for initial investment…but the cost of automation is quickly recovered by the benefits of improved customer service and increased productivity.

In order to help you automate and improve your manufacturing processes, we have put together several tips to get things rolling.

How Manufacturing Companies Automate:

1. Integrate:

In order to improve profits, you must first connect every piece of the manufacturing puzzle. Your processes, employees, and machines all need to be interconnected in order to maximize efficiency. How can you integrate? Consider implementing:

  • Visual displays
  • Automated warnings
  • Visual task lists and/or instructions
  • Capturing quantities electronically

2. Ditch Physical Files:

Paper is a cost center, and getting rid of it can provide some fantastic benefits. By scratching your dependence on paper, you will eliminate time spent sifting through files and updating documents. You should consider scanning your original design documents, specifications, manuals, instruction sheets, reference materials, etc. Having electronic files will help you automate and streamline other areas of your business more effectively.

Want to share the efficiency? Your HR and Accounting departments could also benefit from electronic document management.

3. Lose the Traditional:

If we are going to embrace technology…let’s embrace technology. Traditional technologies, like desktop computers (yeah…computers are becoming dated), should be kicked to the curb. Instead, consider implementing touch screens, putting information where your employees need it most…in their hands.

4. Share with Customers:

Automating your manufacturing process can do wonders for your customer service. You will be able to drastically increase visibility, letting your customers plan better while lending them insight into the progress of their products.

5. Handle Data Better:

What is the best part about automation? The data. Old data impairs our ability to make informed decisions. However, having immediate access to real-time information will enable your company to do so much more, and remove any uncertainty from the decisions made by your management team. This data will allow you to reduce waste, improve productivity, and enhance customer service. Sounds great, right?

So do you want to improve your manufacturing processes? Start with these suggestions and you will be well on your way.

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