How to Increase Employee Productivity

By NE Docs | April 6, 2015

How to Increase Employee Productivity

The average employed U.S. citizen between the ages of 25 and 54 spends about 8.7 hours a day working, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, American Time Use Survey. Compared to the average 1 hour of eating/drinking, 2.5 leisure hours, and the 7.7 hours of sleep, employees are spending more time at work then they do anywhere else. With so much time being spent in the workplace, it can become an increasingly difficult task to inspire and maintain employee productivity. After all – with so much time spent in an office setting, there is a strong likelihood that your work environment and co-worker relations are positively (or negatively) affecting your employee’s productivity and mood.


How do you increase employee productivity? By creating a supportive and motivating environment where employees feel like they are a productive and valued member of the team. In order to help you pinpoint your employee productivity efforts, we have compiled 5 easy to follow tips for increasing employee productivity:

Increasing Employee Productivity:

Accountable: Instilling a sense of accountability is very important when looking to increase employee productivity. Employees who feel they are accountable for their actions are more likely to work meticulously and will make decisions more carefully. Ideally, a strong sense of accountability will result in fewer errors, an increase in employee effort, and a growing sense of employee investment.

Train: Nothing hinders productivity more than poor training habits. Employees are more likely to produce when they understand what is expected and are given the proper training and guidance to perform said tasks. Furthermore, employees can be empowered if they are provided training/education opportunities. Continued training enables employees to remain technologically competitive while increasing the overall value and capabilities of your workforce. Investing in your employees should be a long-term strategy with retention and productivity in mind.

Equip: Having the right skills is just as important as having the right tools. Making sure that your employees are equipped with the best tools (software, hardware, training, strategies, best practices, etc.) for the job will help increase productivity and help keep your processes optimized and efficient.

Feedback: Providing feedback is not just a suggestion – it is a requirement of any successful management strategy. Being able to provide consistent and helpful feedback in an encouraging manner is key to an effective management strategy. Without proper feedback, no process can evolve or improve.

Encourage: In order to increase employee productivity, you should always be focused on providing employee encouragement and ongoing support. From addressing questions to providing performance based incentives, you will be surprised how far a little encouragement can really go.

So what is the best way to increase employee productivity? Invest in your staff. This includes providing ongoing support, training, and access to the best tools available. Establishing the importance of process efficiency, and transforming your employees into advocates for productivity, is the best strategy for establishing long-term and consistent productivity improvements. Creating a culture that thrives on feedback, process improvement, and is unconditionally supported by their employer is not a simple task, but has proven to be well worth the effort.

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