Is the Cloud your Success Solution?

By NE Docs | January 11, 2017

Is the cloud your Success Solution?

It’s a new year, with new possibilities. Has your business made any New Year’s resolutions (goals)? All businesses want to improve productivity while at the same time reducing expenses. In today’s environment in particular, it has become increasingly important to be flexible while still maintaining a high degree of efficiency. One of the ways your business can start the New Year right is by implementing a cloud-based content management system.

Your business might already utilize the cloud to some degree. Such applications include Dropbox, an email marketing service, WordPress, or an ecommerce website like Amazon. In fact, if you securely process any function or transaction on the Internet, you’re already working in the cloud. Of course, robust software applications are hosted and run from the cloud today as a highly efficient and affordable way to manage your business.

Other benefits that come from using an Enterprise Content Management system (ECM) through the cloud include improved accessibility of files within your organization, enhanced data security, and reduced operational costs. That is why NEdocs works with Digitech Systems to provide businesses with efficient and cost-effective solutions such as ImageSilo for a business’s document management needs.

Enjoy 24/7 Online Data Access

One of the most immediate benefits of cloud based file storage is that you can access your files from anywhere. Whether you are sitting in your office or on a plane travelling to a conference on the other side of the country, you can access important documents with ImageSilo using simple keyword searches.

Reduce Records Management Costs

ImageSilo stores all of your business’s files in one digital database. This means that a smaller number of personnel can handle more data than if the business still utilized paper storage. One real estate firm who uses ImageSilo only needs two accounts payable clerks to handle the entire company’s invoices, where before they would have needed at least three or four to process every paper document. By reducing your business’s number of paper documents, you also no longer need bulky file cabinets overflowing with folders and files. This can free up valuable office space for other purposes.

No Additional Investments in Hardware, Software, or IT Personnel

ImageSilo is recognized as the world’s most trusted ECM solution. NEdocs has been providing the ImageSilo Cloud solution since 2000. Users can experience ImageSilo’s benefits almost immediately. The program can be implemented in as little as a few hours, and does not require the purchase and installation of additional costly hardware and software. The cloud can store massive amounts of data and run some of the most powerful applications. In addition, you won’t require disruptive troubleshooting visits from technicians.

Enhanced Document Security

Data stored with ImageSilo can be accessed anytime and anywhere, however, you can still implement security measures to ensure that data is not being used inappropriately. Stored contents remain invisible even to Digitech employees. ImageSilo utilizes five layers of security including transmission security, system security, data security, application security, and physical security. Your data can be encrypted during transmission, during storage, or both. The bottom line is that only the right people have access to the right documents.

Simplify Disaster Recovery

On the topic of security, cloud-based data storage is invaluable if your business ever faces any kind of disaster. In the event of a crisis, files can be accessed anytime and anywhere, which some businesses have found extremely fortuitous. When a flood destroyed the office of a real estate group’s client, the group was able to provide a link to their client’s leases through ImageSilo so that the client could forward electronic copies to their insurance company. Think of the cloud as an omnipresent hard drive that doesn’t need to be tethered to your place of work.

Don’t be the last business switching over to the cloud. Boost your company’s productivity today with cloud-based data storage solutions such as ImageSilo. After all, the New Year is the time to try something different. “Gartner is reporting more than $1 trillion in IT spending will be directly or indirectly affected by the shift to the cloud over the next five years.” A large portion of NEdoc’s business is ECM solutions and they will be happy to bring your company into the cloud. Strong software, in addition to expert network management, make Digitech Systems and ImageSilo the best choice for long term reliability and stability for your company.

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