Is your office in need of Spring Cleaning?

By NE Docs | March 9, 2016

Is your office in need of spring cleaning?

With warm weather on the way and winter quickly becoming a distant memory, there is no better time to purge all the unwanted and unneeded clutter that’s been collected for the past several months. Spring cleaning is a tradition that dates back centuries according to some researchers and continues today in a cliché sort of way. This year while you are cleaning out your closets and basements, try not to forget an often overlooked space in your life – your work space. According to a survey by staffing firm Adecco, a majority of workers (57%) admit to judging a coworker based on the cleanliness of their work-space and nearly half say they have been “appalled” by a dirty office. Here are a few tips for keeping your work-space tidy.

Handle one task at a time

Step back and look at individual pieces of the larger puzzle. You will feel more accomplished completing several smaller goals rather than being overwhelmed and being unproductive.

Reduce the clutter of Papers

If your desk is piled high with paper, there is a good chance that you are hanging on to un-needed clutter. Sort through these and ask yourself if you really need to hang on to each item. Where will you look for it? Is it redundant? Can you find it anywhere electronically? Create a filing system that best fits your needs and be sure to continue filing future papers into your new system. Always think before you print and ask yourself if your file can remain as an email.
If you are hanging on to any number of paper documents to satisfy certain legal obligations, consider having these pages scanned and organized. A comprehensive digital workflow not only helps you maintain an organized office by reducing the amount of physical paper, but also improves efficiency in organizing the documents.

Separate business and pleasure

Keeping your work-space free of personal distractions is important for productivity and staying organized and focused. Smart phones can be a big productivity killer, so keep it in a designated location and check it on breaks rather than every time your text message chime goes off.

Keep daily use items separate from other supplies

Daily use items that you use regularly throughout the day such as your laptop, pens, planner and telephone all have a place on your desk. Other items such as tape, stapler, paper clips and envelopes should be neatly stored inside your desk. This ensures that these less frequently used items do not take up valuable real estate but remain accessible.

Organize your computer

When your desktop background begins to become obscured with icons, it’s time to de-clutter your computer. Organize documents that will be needed again in an easy to find folder system and send everything else to the recycle bin. Now your desktop will look much more attractive and time will be saved from sifting through files looking for exact document you need.

Slow down

One of the hardest parts of staying organized is finding the time. Invest the time to properly organize your space so that files, supplies, and other items are easily accessible. Once you have established a system that works for you, stay with it. Spending a little time to return items to a designated spot will help save you lots of time in the long run.

Are you ready to get your office organized by going paperless? We are here to help.

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