Keep Your Documents Available and Your Data Safe!

By NE Docs | March 23, 2020

Keep Your Documents Available and Your Data Safe

What would you do if one of your staff walked into your office and said, “We cannot find all of the documents needed to make the required filing deadline…” or worse, “We can no longer access our data. There are no backups. The files are gone!”

The success of today’s business depends on its ability to keep pace with the demand for data and ensure the security and accessibility of its documents. How can you ensure your data remains secure? How can you maintain access to your data and ensure that your business operations run without interruption?

Perhaps the best answer to both questions is to securely store and access your data in the cloud.

System Failure Causes Data Loss

Companies that are still operating with legacy computer systems and out-of-date business processes are ill-equipped to respond to communication interruptions. Data storage devices can fail because of various  and unpredictable mechanical, natural or man-made disasters. These situations can wreak havoc on a business.

You might be surprised how many outmoded technologies are still commonly used; floppy disks, tapes, CDs, and local hard drives. Think about costs of losing critical data when disaster strikes. How much time and expense will it take to remedy the situation? Is your company prepared with a Disaster Recovery Plan? Do you have all the essential resources for keeping your business running in the face of a data loss threat? Consider these real scenarios that have happened to businesses:

  • The bookkeeper for an automotive business was doing end-of-month processing on her computer and the hard drive crashed. She asked the owner where the backups were and he replied, “What backups?” All that data was lost.
  • An audit of an insurance company discovered that there were errors in claim processing for the quarter. The IT staff went to restore the backup from the tape system for the previous days and then weeks, only to discover that the tapes were completely blank. The scheduled nightly task had not been running for 6 weeks. It took several weeks to hunt down and recapture the missing data.
  • A fire broke out in a real estate office. The fire department was able to put out the fire after dousing the building with thousands of gallons of water. The real estate office was completely gutted by the fire. Another business on the other side the building was saved from the fire, but everything, including all paper files, was destroyed by the water and smoke. The real estate business had no recoverable data files. The other business was able to salvage important legal documents but only after 3 months of expensive remediation services.
  • Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center paid a $17,000 ransom in bitcoin to a hacker who seized control of the hospital’s computer systems and would give back access only when the money was paid. This doesn’t even account for the loss of time, services, and risk to the care of patients during that delay.

The best practice for eliminating similar data losses to your business is to embrace automated processes that digitize and store documents using cloud technology.

Your Digital Documents in the Cloud

If you are still using legacy or local data storage, it’s probably time to move your organization’s systems and files to the cloud. Leave behind manual processes that are prone to errors, delays and data loss to  an automated solution in the cloud that offers predictability and efficiency.

Secure Cloud
Your best bet is to work with a specialist like NEdocs that has extensive experience in document management data security, and cloud technology. We offer a proven solution that includes ImageSilo and PaperVision.

ImageSilo is recognized as the world’s most-trusted cloud Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. PaperVision utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to convert paper documents to digital format more efficiently and with greater accuracy. It also provides faster storage and retrieval of  documents from the cloud using keyword search. Because sensitive data is stored securely and employees can work efficiently, you can recover previously wasted time and costs. Western Guaranty Fund Services was quoted as having, “Improved efficiency by more than 500 hours annually, saving $64,000.”

The NEdocs solution offers you these crucial document and data safeguards and benefits:

  • Control – maintain what is stored, who has access, and how it is stored/retrieved – all in one place.
  • Efficiency – find what you need and when you need it without delay.
  • Money – recover processing time and expenses.

This solution can be implemented in only a few hours, often without IT support, and it has been proven to be a model of reliability with a 99.95% up-time record.

For further information about moving your business data safely to the cloud, feel free to speak with a document management specialist at NEdocs by calling (603) 625-1171.

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