Legal Compliance of Electronic Documents

By NE Docs | October 28, 2015

legal compliance

Despite the fact that physical files tend to be more labor intensive, time consuming, and susceptible to threats, there are many professionals who are just not ready to let their paper disappear. Perhaps there is a sense of security achieved by physically observing the safety of your files. However, the benefit of having tangible paper within grasping distance is nothing more than a superficial advantage.

While many have come to disregard the validity of electronic documents, legally they are considered to be exactly the same.

Legality of Electronic Documents

Are electronic documents considered legal? In short – yes.

Documents that have been scanned and stored in an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system are considered just as legal as paper files. As long as the origin and chronology of a document is clear and incontestable, then it meets the legal requirements for reliable evidence. This applies to any legally binding document, including contracts and agreements.

In order to be considered legally admissible, the integrity of a document must be preserved throughout the conversion process while maintaining a transparent chain of custody. Documents must be exact copies of the original, devoid of any modifications that might occur during the conversion process.

The Transition to Electronic Files

Scanning your files and implementing an electronic document management system can be a fast and efficient process…as long as you employ the right professionals to oversee your transition. Once converted, your files will be retained in a format more protected against loss, misplacement, and a multitude of security threats. Implementing a secure online repository will ensure that your staff never loses another file while improving their overall efficiency. Imagine being able to search and retrieve files within seconds regardless of your location.

The best part? These files are just as legal and infinitely more efficient that those cumbersome paper docs.

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