Mailroom Automation: Why You Should Outsource Your Mailroom

By NE Docs | January 13, 2015

Mailroom Automation Why You Should Outsource Your Mailroom

Tackling your paper problem can be difficult if you ignore the source. Many organizations have set out to improve their paper-intensive processes with workflow automation – yet many have not addressed a major contributor to their paper problems…invoices received in the mailroom. The solution? Mailroom automation.

In order to increase mailroom efficiency and drive productivity throughout your organization, we recommend outsourcing your mailroom and implementing a mailroom automation solution. Here are 6 reasons why you should consider outsourcing your mailroom in 2015.

6 Reasons for Mailroom Automation

Reduce Invoice Processing Time: Imagine being able to process invoices within days (instead of weeks). Organizations that outsource their mailroom functions are less likely to make late or duplicate payments and are able to take advantage of early payment incentives. The best way to process your invoices is to digitize them and electronically route them for approval.

Reduce Invoice Labor Costs: Time is money. Unfortunately, many companies are paying high salaries for unskilled tasks. The time it takes for your staff to chase down an invoice and the time spent performing costly data entry adds up quickly. Workflow automation will allow your staff to spend more of their time on value add activities.

Avoid Fines: Some transactional documents must be responded to within a certain time frame. Depending on your industry, missing these tight deadlines could result in costly regulatory fines. By outsourcing your mailroom, you can ensure that you are never charged for a late payment again.

Enhance Customer Service: Your customers expect that their needs will be dealt with immediately, and workflow automation will allow you to comply. By electronically tracking forms and other communications with your customers, you will be able to immediately access vital information. The quicker you can function as an organization, the better your customer service can be.

Exception Handling: Imagine if invoices automatically made their way to the proper professional within your organization? Imagine if you only had to address the invoices that are outside of the norm? With exception handling, you will be able to isolate invoices that require special attention – enabling you to address and resolve issues that much faster and easier.

Increased Transparency: With automation comes tracking, analytics, and increased security. Mailroom automation/outsourcing allows companies to enhance controls over their accounts payable processes.

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