Major Business Changes without Major Disruptions

By NE Docs | July 11, 2022

Winning the Digital Transformation Trifecta

Major Business Changes without Major Disruptions

Are you thinking about relocating your business? How about taking your business to the next level? Perhaps you’re merging with a friendly competitor. Such changes could cause disruptions to how you operate your business. But what if you could get this change done with minimal disruption and simultaneously optimize your business efficiency? That could be the equivalent of winning the trifecta for your company:

  1. Successfully implement a big change
  2. Transition without disruption and loss
  3. Complete your digital transformation

Changes Usher Opportunities

All businesses face change at some point, whether to scale up, downsize, or move operations for a better lease deal or market location. Big changes require logistical planning to prevent disruption of your operations and loss or damage of assets, from furniture and fixtures to IT hardware, files and data. And remember, the whole idea is to simplify work and be more productive going forward.

Looking at the bright side, big changes can be the perfect opportunity to tackle such projects as managing the inefficiencies of paper records and finally automating those tedious manual processes. It’s a great time to finally go paperless and enjoy all the efficiencies and conveniences of a digital transformation.

Going paperless means that you can be more flexible to scale your business more easily, up or down in the future, as market conditions warrant. The trick is keeping your business operations running smoothly while you manage those changes.

Keep Business Humming While Implementing Change

For nearly 40 years, NEdocs has helped companies manage technological changes and advances in how they manage information. As trusted stewards in document security and data management, we provide safe record storage services for those who need it most such as hospitals, schools, and corporations. Our clients maintain operational integrity by ensuring the safety, regulation and compliance of their documents in a safe, secure, SOC II audited facility with climate-controlled storage areas. A secure, stable environment protects physical media while providing fast access to authorized users.

NEdocs understands that change can be hard on business continuity. That’s why we’ve developed additional services to keep your business running smoothly without disruptions while you implement your organizational changes. For example, you can gain needed additional space immediately with our “Scan-to-Zero” program which works to eliminate all future storage costs.

Scan-to-Zero opens up your file room space while continually lowering your document storage costs down to nothing. NEdocs removes paper files from your location and provides FREE storage of those files while scanning and converting your paper documents to digital format. You and your team will have full searchability and secure accessibility for all those records!

Further optimization is available for scanned documents to be digitally integrated with an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system to provide a wealth of efficiency benefits for your organization.

Wanna Go Long? You Gotta Go Digital!

Electronically managing all of your documentation is the fastest way to improve efficiency, increase document accessibility, enhance data security, and reduce operational costs. Whether you’re looking to manage your files on-site or in the cloud, NEdocs can optimize your information processes with the right document management solutions.

For further information about how you can simultaneously “win” at getting your big change project completed, “win” at preventing disruptions to operations, and “win” by digitally transforming your document and data storage processes, contact us online or call our digital transformation experts at (603) 625-1171.


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