How to Make a New Year’s Resolution for your Business

By NE Docs | December 30, 2014

How to Make a New Year’s Resolution for your Business

The New Year is upon us, which means it is time for everybody to pick their New Year’s resolution. Whether you resolve to visit the gym more often, or watch TV a little less, we are all focused on bettering ourselves and our surroundings as we enter 2015. However, as you are focused on bettering yourself during the last weeks of Q4, you should also consider making resolutions that will improve your business.

The New Year holds a world of possibilities for both you and your organization – but you must first identify a resolution and stick with it. Perhaps you would like to reduce operational costs, increase information security, or streamline a particular process? In order to help you choose (and stick with) a business resolution, we have compiled 5 steps to making a New Year’s resolution for your company.

Make a New Year’s Resolution for your Business:

Step 1: Identify your goal(s).

Determining what success looks like is important no matter what you set out to achieve. As you evaluate your business and plan for 2015, be sure to narrow down your objectives to realistic and measurable goals. Once you have a clear view of what you want to achieve (reduced costs, increased productivity, etc.), you can begin to formulate a strategy.

Step 2: Get Support.

It is easier to achieve your goals with the proper support – which is why it is imperative that your team is behind you. Having a team of professionals that can implement and support your initiatives is important to the success of any project. Beyond just technical support, it helps to have your team believe in and understand how your decisions will improve the bottom line.

Step 3: Plan.

Every successful project is the result of a great plan, and your New Year’s resolution is no different. In order to ensure that your resolution will stick, you must first detail every step of the way. Like any business plan, you should establish important benchmarks, obstacles, milestones, and plot your course of action for any scenario. As always, you should include backup plans in case your business resolution deviates from the expected path. Having a clear understanding of your plan from start to finish will greatly improve your chance of success.

Step 4: Pick a launch date.

Once you have your goal in sight and a plan in place, it is time to pick a launch date.

Step 5: Measure important KPI’s.

Once you initiate your resolution, it is time to measure. If your goal was to lose weight in 2015, then weighing yourself consistently seems only natural. The same goes for your business resolutions. In order to gauge the success of your New Year’s resolution you will have to accurately measure a number of Key Performance Indicators or KPIs. How and what you measure will vary greatly depending on your resolution. However, it is important to remember that without accurate data, it will be impossible to justify and further improve any initiative you might have.

If your New Year’s resolution includes reducing costs, enhancing security, improving efficiency, or going paperless, ask us about our solutions today!

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