Manufacturing Invoice Processing: Success Capsule

By NE Docs | May 21, 2014

A medical device manufacturing company in Massachusetts recently turned to us to help them “go paperless.” NEdocs was able to do so by scanning all of their Accounts Payable invoices – allowing our customer to free up space, be more productive, and process significant increases in invoice volume.

The Need for Paperless AP

The company specifically wanted boxes and file cabinets out of their offices – in an effort to reduce cost and clutter, and to gain the efficiencies in document retrieval for internal and external audits.

Additionally, our client is currently in “acquisition mode” and required quick assistance in order to keep their staff size the same while still being able to process all invoices from their newly acquired companies.

AP Automation Solution

NEdocs now picks up all of the manufacturer’s invoices on a weekly basis. We then scan and index all documents, following our legendary quality control process. We then upload the converted files to a cloud document management system, ImageSilo. The customer and the auditors are happy – and that is a win/win for any business.

AP Going Forward

The next step for our client is to implement our front end capture processes. Soon all AP invoices will be sent to a dedicated PO and Email address that NEdocs will then scan and manage on a daily basis. This will reduce the manual labor required of their AP staff, ensure that invoices are ingested in a timely manner, ensure data accuracy, and speed the approval process. This client wants to grow without increasing staff and to have control and visibility to all invoices while in process. Our front-end AP Invoice Automation solution is a necessity for achieving these goals and for ensured growth.

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