What Massachusetts Can Teach You About Document Management

By NE Docs | July 13, 2015

What Massachusetts Can Teach You About Document Management

Not long ago (2010), a few Massachusetts Universities gathered to discuss a common business problem that many companies are just beginning to address today – document management. Decision makers from UMass Lowell, Dartmouth, and Boston gathered to address their costly and cumbersome paper processes affecting the effectiveness of their customer facing offices.

Their goal was to improve processes while providing a quality high-touch customer service experience. Their solution was a green initiative designed to enhance operations through workflow automation and seamless integration with PeopleSoft.

Through electronic document management, these UMass schools were able to:

  • Scan/import documents
  • Tag documents with metadata
  • Link records to their PeopleSoft files
  • Capture and integrate attachments originating from web apps
  • Improve security and management of documents within multiple facilities

According to UMass Boston, Lowell, and Dartmouth, they were able to drive efficiency and realize a significant number of benefits, including:

  • Improved customer service
  • Faster decision making and turnaround times
  • 24×7 access to documents
  • Cost savings through labor and paper reduction
  • Maintained retention requirements

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