Medical Document Management Market: 14% CAGR

By NE Docs | January 12, 2015

Medical Document Management Market 14% CAGR

Things are looking up for the medical document management market. According to a research report produced by RnR Market Research, the global medical document management market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth range (CAGR) of 14% between 2014 and 2019.

What is driving medical document management?

There are several factors influencing the medical document management market, including:

  • Record retention requirements
  • Industry regulations
  • To increase operational efficiency
  • To improve the quality of healthcare services
  • The increasing amount of data in healthcare organizations
  • To resolve paper storage issues and maximize space
  • Pressures to reduce costs

Innovation in medical document management:

Electronic document management is not without its innovations. The increasing consolidation of healthcare and technology platforms such as mobile devices has provided the medical document management market with several growth opportunities. Unfortunately, many healthcare organizations are still hesitant to implement a document management solution. This is largely due to the reluctance of healthcare professionals to adopt new methods and the initial investment required to obtain a document management system.

A positive future is not new to the world of medical document management. In fact, this particular market has seen continuous growth thanks to the need for electronic healthcare records. Not only can a document management solution improve the quality of your data – it helps organizations tackle increasing amounts of content in a more efficient and cost effective way. Not to mention it significantly reduces compliance risks!

View the complete report from RnR here:

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