Moving the Office? Digitize Your Documents to Lighten the Load!

By NE Docs | February 28, 2018

Moving the Office? Digitize Your Document to Lighten the Load!

So, you’re getting ready for a company relocation. You already know that the workflow for the move will include packing, transit, unloading, setup and operational validation to ensure that you are ready to open for business. But did you think about the way you will manage your documents and how that will directly impact your move’s success? Assessing your document assets before the move can simplify your relocation as well as significantly reduce your moving, storage, and maintenance costs. Let’s look at two common scenarios represented by two different companies, we’ll call them A and B.

The Pre-Move

Company A and Company B are similarly-sized. Both are moving to new offices on Friday.

The office staff at Company A started boxing up account records, past job tickets, office knickknacks and marketing & product collateral on Monday. They finally finished Thursday by the close of business. There was a lot to do, even more than the staff thought with many years of paper files stored up.

Company B started boxing up various important items and loose ends on Wednesday, and were all set for the move by Thursday at noon. It was a breeze! The staff had a fraction of the number of boxes packed as Company A.

Moving Day

8 AM:  The moving vans arrived at both companies and the move-in started.

12 PM:  Company B’s furniture, equipment, cubicles, and offices were all set up with all boxes in the appropriate spaces for the office staff to unpack.

5PM:  At Company B, all boxes were already unloaded by staff, and the company was ready for business come Monday morning.

Here’s what happened at Company A:  At 5:00 PM the moving company dropped off the last box. All the furniture, equipment, cubicles, and offices were finally set up. But to be ready for business, the staff had to come in over the weekend to unload all the boxes, fill the filing cabinets with account records and old job tickets and then finally unpack marketing and product collateral.

What Will Your Next Move Look Like?

What was the one major difference between Company A and Company B?

Company B had cleaned house before the move and became better prepared for their future; digitizing all its documents that needed to be retained and destroying the corresponding paper records. This dramatically reduced the number of boxes that had to packed, moved and unpacked, saving the company a significant amount of time and cost for the move as well as simplifying the process for both the moving company and the staff. They have a more streamlined operation going forward.

Inefficiencies and Cost of Paper

Office space is at a premium. If you are storing physical documents instead of digital documents, you are faced with the corresponding footprint that directly impacts the cost and use of that office space.

In a recent report by Smallbiz Technology (from a study by Adobe), “The overwhelming majority of managers expressed a negative perspective toward the security, efficiency, cost, and environmental impact of paper compared to evolving to a fully digital workspace.”

How to Lighten Your Load

To reduce the stress, storage space, cost, and effort associated with moving, your best bet is to digitize your paper documents BEFORE the move. This will lighten the load during the entire process from start to finish, and your employees will have greater access to those digital documents once you open the doors at your new location.

Meet with a document management expert, such as one of the specialists at NEdocs to assess your current document assets, review the benefits and cost savings of converting from paper to digital documents and plan your move. Your document advisor can help you scan your documents accurately and securely by using state-of-the-art, high resolution document scanning equipment and document management software.

You can get rid of all those excess boxes and filing cabinets. They won’t be needed because you now have easily accessibly digital documents! Print only on demand for those fewer and fewer times when you really need it on paper.

Whether your next move is around the corner or down the road, now you know that moving and maintaining your office contents will be much easier going forward!

For more information about digitizing for the big move, feel free to contact us or click to learn about our document scanning services.

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