NEdocs Donates Fighting Spirit

By NE Docs | March 2, 2015

Haverhill Boxing Club

Haverhill’s Downtown Boxing Club (HDB) is a non-profit boxing club focused on providing the inner city youth of Haverhill, MA a place to learn how to be winners in the ring, and in the game of life. Through providing physical and mental training, mentoring, and a commitment to discipline, the HDB has been providing local youth a safe and supportive atmosphere. Unfortunately, the boxing club has fallen on hard times – using rusted weights and aging equipment marred with duct tape.

In an effort to remain open and continue providing their unique services to the youth of Haverhill, the HDB has reached out and asked for donations. After hearing their plight, New England Document Systems felt inclined to help out.

Haverhill Boxing Club

“After watching the news coverage, I had to give,” says Nick Brattan, CEO of New England Document Systems. “It is rare to find others that are so concerned and proactive in improving the lives of local youth. What these folks are doing is important.”

The HDB is looking to raise only $3,000 in order to replace their equipment, and continue to offer extremely discounted lessons for any young student looking for an alternative to the looming dangers of inner-city life.

Donations to Haverhill’s Downton Boxing Club can be made at

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