NEdocs Red Nose Day

By NE Docs | May 26, 2015

Last Thursday, May 21st, the team at New England Document Systems (NEdocs) participated in the United States’ inaugural Red Nose Day. With over 50 donations made (and 50 red noses) the NEdocs crew posed for a quick candid clown photo.


About the Red Nose Day Fund

Red Nose Day is a campaign dedicated to raising money for children living in poverty. The funds raised are distributed to charities and grants in order to benefit some of the world’s poorest communities. This year, the Red Nose Day Fund partnered with twelve nonprofit organizations to promote the goal of child safety and education.

The money provided by the Red Nose Day Fund will be distributed between a variety of nonprofit organizations that will benefit local projects in the US as well as communities in Africa and South America.

The History of Red Nose Day

While the Red Nose Day is new to the US, it has actually been running for 30 years in the UK. Organized by the nonprofit group Comic Relief, they have raised over £1 billion to helping others in need around the globe. Here is a video with highlights from the past 30 years.

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