NEdocs: Reducing Paper & Oil Consumption

By NE Docs | April 15, 2015

NEdocs Reducing Paper and Oil Consumption

While New England Document Systems (NEdocs) is familiar with the benefits that going paperless can have on the environment, they have recently set their sites on improving their own environmental footprint.

With the assistance of Eversource Energy, NEdocs has recently replaced much of its older equipment with new energy efficient models.

“We help companies manage their documents more effectively, and in doing so we are able to help reduce paper consumption…and the costs that come with it. However, in an industry that is helping to correct paper problems, it is important to make sure that we are doing our part internally.”

In addition to enhancing their bottom line, NEdocs is proud to say their efforts are helping the environment.

In a report from Eversource Energy, NEdocs will realize the following reductions in oil consumption and power plant emissions.

Reduced Oil Consumption: 774 gallons/year

Reduced CO2: 12,420 lbs/year

Reduced SO2: 20lbs/year

Reduced NOx: 6 lbs/year

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