Human Resources & the Fight Against Paper

By NE Docs | August 3, 2015

Human Resources & the Fight Against Paper

HR managers are currently engaged in a war…a war against paper…and the skeptics that come with it. They fight for paperless processes and workflow automation – because they know that the future is inevitable. While there are some associated risks with going paperless, technology experts and HR professionals know that implementing an electronic document management system will eliminate the need for paper, save time and reduce costs.

Not only will a document solution reduce required storage space, it will also help manage the array of ever changing compliance issues that lead to many sleepless nights for our HR friends.

In short, productivity and efficiency is the name of the game…and HR departments are pushing through the stigmas of a “paperless” environment.

But what about those risks?

According to Damon Lovett, Senior Consultant for Knowledge Source, these risks are easily dealt with. By utilizing strong passwords, restricted access rights, and data encryption, it can be much easier to navigate and safeguard against common data threats.

Paperless solutions integrate with HR systems and applications, seamlessly merging and improving processes across the board. Unfortunately, while many HR departments have transformed their payroll administration to paperless processes, there is still some hesitation to automate other tasks such as performance management.

What does HR think?

In a recent report from Towers Watson, they discovered that 79% of HR departments who are currently using technology to improve their activities believe their efforts to be beneficial. Yet, despite this overwhelming support for paperless solutions, 47% of them are still using paper. Furthermore, 79% of HR departments using innovative technologies for job leveling and grading believe their tech to be effective…yet 42% of HR departments are…*you guessed it*…using paper.

Hindsight is 20/20.

The Director of Massachusetts based Kronos, is all too familiar with non-believers. While people tend to resist change, Regan has found that skeptics of paperless solutions often come back and ask how they ever got by without it.

It is important to keep in mind that it is not so much about the conversion from paper to digital…but what you can do with the HR data collected.

Paper is never really gone.

While going paperless is a great way to boost productivity (and your bottom line)…we are aware that paper is not going to evaporate off the face of the Earth. In fact, HR departments will still have plenty of files to preserve, including contracts, legal documents, etc. However, the practice of preserving these sensitive critical files is not long for our tech-enabled future.

Is paper still holding back your HR department? Let us bring you up to speed, and start managing documents the way they should be…without the paper.

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