Plants for Paper Program

By NE Docs | April 22, 2015

Plants for Paper Program

Today is Earth Day, and we have a special announcement.

Earth Day is the anniversary of the modern environmental movement and an opportunity to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Celebrated in over 192 countries each year, Earth Day has come a long way since it was originally proposed in 1969. Because of its importance to the environmental community, we believe that Earth Day is the perfect time to announce our Plants for Paper program.

For the next 2 months (April 22nd – June 22nd), we will be holding our Plants for Paper program. During this time period, we will be donating 1 tree to the Nature Conservancy’s Plant a Billion Trees campaign for every 2 boxes of documents we scan at our Manchester, NH facilities.

The idea is simple:


You Scan


We Plant

We are encouraging businesses in the New England area as well as our existing customers to reach out and get their boxes in as soon as possible! Converting paper into electronic documents is a great way to prevent future waste (and reduce costs, improve efficiency, etc.) But converting your paper and helping to plant a forest is even better!

For more information about our Plants for Paper program, please contact us at

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