Eliminate Document Storage Costs with NEdocs’ Scan-to-Zero Program!

Yes, eliminate, not just reduce your document storage costs!

Government mandates for document retention require many organizations to spend thousands of dollars in annually recurring document storage fees. We have good news for those organizations. In a relatively short period, we can remove your storage costs and you can reinvest the savings into your business.

Introducing the NEdocs Scan-to-Zero Program

You can completely eliminate your document storage fees with the NEdocs Scan-to-Zero program. This elegantly simple process re-directs your current storage vendor expenses (including at NEdocs if currently storing with us). Our scanning, digitization and retrieval systems eliminate physical storage expenses and we make the digital transition to zero-storage-cost simple & easy.

NEdocs will design a customized program for you based on your specific needs, providing you a simple way to maintain your current budget while working towards total elimination of your storage expenses! Not only can you reinvest the savings, but the improved efficiency gained by digital search & retrieval frees up resources you can apply to other business needs.

Gain Extra Space Immediately

Scan-to-Zero opens up your file room space while lowering your document storage costs. NEdocs will remove paper files from your location and provide FREE storage of those files while we convert your paper documents to digital format. You and your team will have full searchability and secure accessibility for all those records!

Start eliminating storage expenses to improve your profitability today! Click the consultation link above.