Scanning for Shareability & Searchability

By NE Docs | April 8, 2015

Scanning for Shareability & Searchability

What motivates a company to scan?

What drives the decision to digitally manage files? It might surprise you to learn that the answer is not cost savings, nor is it improved security. In fact, the main motivation for document scanning is shareability and searchability.

According to AIIM’s The Paper Free Office, converting paper for enhanced access and sharing is a stronger driver than direct savings, increased security, and improved accuracy. But why?

Modern technology has allowed employees to be more connected than ever. With mobile phones, laptops, and other devices, we can easily work no matter where we are. However, with this freedom comes the need to improve access to information in real time. In addition to easy access, we must also adhere to strict security measures. It is this need that drives companies large and small to invest in a scanning and data capture solution.

What are the biggest drivers for scanning and data capture?

Sharability and searchability document scanning chart

While improved access to files dominates as the leading driver for electronic document management, it is far from the only benefit. Improved process productivity, reduced physical storage, and improved security/compliance also represent major benefits of digital filing.

Have you considered scanning your files? What benefits do you anticipate having the most effect?

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