Scanning Legacy Engineering Drawings

By NE Docs | December 27, 2013

Engineering design packages, such as AutoCAD and SolidWorks, have virtually eliminated the need to print engineering design documents. These packages also enable red-line editing and mark-ups, so that any changes that may need to be made can be initiated electronically. These work well in offices, where people have access to computers and have the software already in place to manage the drawings.

Paper Drawings Still Exist
While current drawings are electronic, legacy engineering drawings can still exist as paper, all the way up to large E-Sized documents. As paper drawings, they become difficult to manage. Quality assurance, other engineers, customer service and purchasing all need access to these drawings as a part of their daily activities. In addition, as paper drawings, they are subject to accidents and loss, and do not have the revision control that your electronic documents have.

Conversion Benefits
Converting the paper drawings to electronic documents has significant benefits:

  • Reduce Risk – The drawings are now electronic, and can be managed the same way you manage other data.
  • Use Electronic ECO Processes – Any modifications or updates can be managed through your electronic engineering change order process (if you don’t have one, we can help with that).
  • Instant Access – Purchasing, engineering, quality assurance and customer service all have access to these drawings, saving them time.
  • Recover Space – The rooms that store these documents can be converted to other, more productive space.

Let NEdocs Help
We can provide you with a complementary assessment of your scanning and document management capabilities, and determine if there is an opportunity for improvement. Whether you approach these capabilities as an outsourced shared service model, or want to create this capability yourself, we can help. Our approach will provide you with the information to help you cost justify document scanning, and realize the benefits of these technologies sooner than later.

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