Smart Document Management Starts with Data Security

By NE Docs | May 29, 2019
Data Security

Today’s news is inundated with a growing number of cyber-attack and data intrusion stories. This trend is prompting government agencies and other institutions to harden security policies for companies with whom they are doing business. It’s in every company’s best interest to follow data security protocols in document management procedures to not only comply with the changing regulatory requirements but also reduce their own company risk for data breaches.

Implementing an effective security posture at your company will be more successful if the burden is shared with your employees as well as the partners and service providers handling your company documents and data.

How We Keep Documents Secure

Security is a joint priority that NEdocs shares with its clients. As your trusted provider of document management services, NEdocs understands the importance of maintaining a secure facility and continually training employees about security diligence and procedures.

All NEdocs locations, including storage facilities, the main office, and production and service areas, are secure and locked. Every person who enters, whether visitor or vendor, is required to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to entering and always must be accompanied by an authorized NEdocs employee.

All NEdocs employees regularly attend seminars related to the ever-changing security and data privacy demands of our industry to stay ahead of the constantly changing security environment and guarantee the safety of your managed documents.

Besides maintaining the physical security of our facilities, NEdocs provides further internal controls, policies, and procedures to ensure compliance with various state and federal regulations, including:

  • SOC 2 Audits
  • Privacy and GLBA
  • Massachusetts CMR17
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act

What You and Your Company Can Do

There are a number of procedures that your company can implement to complement what NEdocs is doing to ensure that your company and personal data are kept safe from thieves and hackers. Here are a few practical tips that can impact the safety and security of your documents whether they are online or in paper form.

Identify What Documents Require Additional Protection

Know what must be protected from theft or unauthorized personnel. For example, have procedures in place that can track:

  • Documents containing employee and client records
  • Financial data
  • Trade secrets and proprietary information
  • Marketing information

Identify Your Level of Risk

Know the risk level is for your type of services. Depending on the size and category of your business, you can refer to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Small Business Administration (SBA) for information on how to assess your company’s data breach risk by industry.

Implement Appropriate Physical Security

Once you know your risk profile, work with a document and data vendor who applies such physical barriers as perimeter fencing, internal/external cameras, magnetic release door locks, security badges for employees, contractors and other visitors. Also, restrict access to only background-checked professionals.

Post a Visible Privacy Policy


Write and post a Privacy Policy that clearly identifies the key provisions that must be followed. Your trusted service provider and attorney should be able to assist you with this task.

Define and Check Your Backup and Recovery Policy

Implement and periodically validate backup and recovery processes. Do not assume that scheduled tasks are being performed successfully.

Provide Ongoing Employee Training

The security landscape is challenging and constantly changing, with intruders looking at chinks in established security protocols. Keep up-to-date with the latest security technologies and best practices, and make sure that your employees are well informed and engaged in security enforcement.

When it comes to keeping documents secure, electronic or paper, NEdocs has you covered because we take all your data very seriously. If you have questions about our secure document management procedures, please give one of our specialists a call at (603) 625-1171 or contact us online.

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