Streamline Your Multi-Location Business

By NE Docs | October 5, 2015

Streamline your Multi-Location Business

Running a multiple site operation comes with its fair share of challenges. In order to meet the ever-changing demands and tight profit margins required to be successful, there is an increasing need for multi-location businesses to improve their operational efficiency.

Many companies have found one solution in their Accounts Payable department. Rather than dealing with large amounts of inbound invoices, businesses have found a proven method for sorting, organizing, and managing their paper burden.

The solution? Rethinking the traditional Accounts Payable mailroom.

AP Mailroom Troubles

Lost Time: Multi-location businesses have a unique problem; They need time to receive invoices at multiple locations and relay the data to an AP department for processing. This can be a timely endeavor, hurting supply chains and vendor relationships.

Scaling Troubles: The more your business grows, the more invoices AP can expect. Unfortunately, if you are unable to scale every location appropriately, process bottlenecks can begin to form.

Error Prone: Human error is inevitable. As your AP processes become more spread out, the likelihood of errors could grow exponentially.

Paper Stinks: Whether your company has 1 or 100 locations, paper processing is simply inefficient. An electronic mailroom enables better receiving, distribution, process control, and tracking capabilities.

Solving the Mailroom Problem

By outsourcing your traditional AP mailroom, you can completely eliminate the above issues for good. As invoices are received, they are converted into digital documents (within 24 hours) and are then routed directly into any ERP system for your AP staff. Even EDI and electronic invoices can be routed through the same system, unifying and streamlining your entire AP department together.

How It Works

  1. Invoices are scanned and emails are captured.
  2. Invoice data is collected and verified for accuracy
  3. Auto-routing and hierarchy approval rules are applied to invoices
  4. Invoices are electronically routed for coding and approval
  5. Approved invoice data is transfeered to your ERP system and archived

AP Solutions

Here at NEdocs, we are very familiar with improving AP processes through workflow automation and invoice pre-processing. Want to learn how other companies have improved their AP processes with NEdocs? Contact us today!

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