The Credentialing Process: Can We Make It Better?

By NE Docs | February 2, 2015

The Credentialing Process Can We Make It Better

What is credentialing? Credentialing is the act of assessing and confirming the mandatory qualifications of licensed and/or certified healthcare professionals and organizations.

In addition to verifying medical employee credentials, specialists are tasked with ensuring that organizations remain compliant with federal and state regulations. This includes the ongoing support of the credentialing process, which involves staying abreast of certification renewals and the processing of new applications for physicians.

Needless to say, credentialing can prove to be a difficult task. For example, overseeing the renewal process of thousands of doctors is can be a particularly difficult undertaking. To make matters worse, there is often a deadline for credential completion/approval – and the rules and requirements vary from state to state.

No matter how you slice it – credentialing is an extremely important, paper-intensive, and often burdensome, responsibility for healthcare organizations.

Regardless of how you are currently maintaining your monstrous load of credentialing files, there is a better and simpler way to enhance the process. In fact, you can completely eliminate the paper headache, improve efficiency, and save money simultaneously – with the right document management solution.

Improve the Credentialing Process:

When it comes to improving the credentialing process, our biggest obstacle is physical paper. Not only is this paper expensive to maintain – it is more prone to cause costly failures. Eliminating the paper problem will enable your organization to enhance its information security, improve process efficiency, and reduce costly errors.

To get you started, here are some basic steps you can take to prepare your current credentialing process for a conversion to an efficient virtual credentialing system.

Evaluate current processes (how are things being filed):

The first step to taking your credentialing process paperless is to understand the current state of your files. How are they organized? Is there any redundant or unrequired paperwork? Are your files centrally located? Are they managed at different locations?

Establish location of virtual files:

How are you going to organize your electronic credentialing files? Files can be stored locally or on a cloud server. Determining how your files will be accessed, managed, and shared will help determine the best virtual location for your files.

Organize new credentialing filing structure:

It is important to fully understand and organize your new virtual filing cabinet BEFORE you begin filling it. Establishing a sound organizational structure will be critical in a successful and improved electronic credentialing process.

Establish security measures:

How will you keep your files secure? Just as you secure your physical credentialing files, your electronic documents will also require some level of security. Being able to establish administrative controls, encrypt data, and track activity are all important security features to consider when choosing the right file management solution.

Begin scanning documents:

Once you understand the current status of your credentialing files, how they will be organized electronically, and how they will be managed – you are ready to begin the file conversion process.

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