The Digital Mailroom: Does your enterprise have the advantage?

By NE Docs | May 31, 2017
Any organization today should consider implementing a digital mailroom when volumes of incoming email and paper mail start to burden the company with excessive document processing costs. Perhaps you’ve reached this point in your business but don’t know where to begin. Well, your current mailroom is the place to start the process of digital mailroom conversion, but what does that actually look like?

On the surface, there will be differences for sure. They may include new machinery and a different floor plan but the function of your mailroom remains essentially the same – distribute mailed documents (postal and email) to intended recipients in the most efficient manner possible. In today’s digital office environment, stripping important documents out of emails or “snail mail” requires digitizing paper documents fast and electronically routing all correspondence efficiently.

The chief bottleneck blocking the flow of information in the “paperless” office isn’t necessarily the use of paper itself but rather what documents are mailed in – ENVELOPES! Getting documents out of envelopes is a hard reality that must be addressed. There is some impressive technology dealing with this issue. Modern engineering in letter openers and paper sorters helps tackle some of the labor intensive challenges of document extraction from sealed envelopes of various sizes and shapes. Are we leading up to a pitch for an investment in new equipment and training to operate it? Not at all!

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The Right Approach

Getting the right documents in the right formats to the right people at the right time is the right thing to do, right? We think so! A high value digital mailroom solution can be outsourced with great effectiveness. Directing incoming mail to a dedicated post office box and email account handled offsite frees up mailroom-assigned people to do higher value work.

Partnering with the right firm, you can trust your outsourced digital mailroom to merge all the important paper and emailed documents into your digital workflow for better visibility and ease of processing. With this approach you can deploy robust automated systems and trained system operators to handle you mail delivery, scanning, sorting, routing, storage and retrieval. This helps process information faster and easier so your firm can respond better to internal and external needs. Business always runs more smoothly when documentation requirements are fulfilled accurately and on time.

Bottom Line Benefits

As mentioned, an outsourced digital mailroom frees up more of your people to do other, higher value tasks. It also improves your overall business operations by automating your AP department, securely processing invoices and transferring all the data safely to your ERP system and storage. It would help at this point to lay out some of the key benefits a digital mailroom provides, whether in-house or outsourced:

Lower Cost of Operations

  • Reduces paper clutter messing up office space while cutting waste significantly.
  • Cuts the need for extra mailroom clerks, especially during high volume periods.
  • Drastically reduces manual labor processes.

Customer Service Improvements

  • Route high priority customer information to the right people faster for better response.
  • Distribute required documents directly to customers for easier electronic processing.
  • Give more timely and accurate answers to customer inquiries.

One Central Location

  • Centrally control all critical mail delivery to multiple and remote locations.
  • Speed important documents to intended recipients.
  • Track all enterprise mailroom traffic from a single dashboard.

Keep Compliant with Legal Regulations

  • All documents are captured and recorded upon entering the organization.
  • Paper records are digitized and audit trails are secured.
  • Storing, maintaining and retrieving legal documents is made simpler.

We could go on and on about how much digital capture and document management systems enable businesses and institutions to operate at greater efficiency levels. Expedited distribution, accurate record keeping and scalable volume conversion are just a few advantages of a digital mailroom.

Through our comprehensive document scanning, management, and AP Automation services, NE Docs leads the way in providing advanced digital mailroom services, and we’ve been doing it for a nearly a decade! We welcome your inquiries if you would like to speak with a document management specialist.

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