The Digital Mailroom – Your Solution for Workflow Efficiency

By NE Docs | September 16, 2022

Manual tasks steal time from the workday, cause delays, and introduce errors to your business processes. They also cost you money. Automating these tasks can create predictability and improve ROI by controlling the workflows. Take for example, the mailroom – an entry point to your company that is often a bottleneck and a hinderance to efficiency. Legacy mailroom operations can be improved by upgrading to a modern digital process. The Digital Mailroom offers the productivity benefits of digitalization and automation, less risk, and the results are better financials.

The Legacy Mailroom is a Dinosaur notes, “One of the best places for an organization to jumpstart its digital transformation is the mailroom — the main point of entry for documents. On-premise mailrooms are slow, error prone. They require too much labor and valuable real estate — not to mention they simply cannot support today’s ‘new world of work’.”

The solution is to move to a modern version of the mailroom that is more secure and efficient.

How the Digital Mailroom Automates Workflows

The Digital Mailroom is not a futuristic vision. It is here now and offers a streamlined system that upgrades manual handling and sorting of mail to a new level. Using sophisticated scanning technology and OCR software, the digital mailroom autom

atically scans mail, applies selected processing rules, and then sorts and routes the mail to the appropriate recipients. Simultaneously, critical processing data is automatically merged into other business workflows and systems, such as your ERP system.

The Digital Mailroom digitizes the secure delivery of mail, resulting in a game changing impact across the entire organization. The key benefits include faster and more reliable access; improved security; better data for measuring/predicting business continuity; lower operational costs; and improved customer service. Your staff will discover work that is more productive, valuable, and rewarding.


Making the Transition

The Digital Mailroom can introduce a significant process improvement for your organization that can be easily deployed when working with an experienced document technology advisor like NEdocs.

Our Digital Mailroom Solution works like this:

  1. Receive: NEdocs picks up your mail each day at your office location or post office. Mail can also be forwarded directly to NEdocs using a designated postal address.
  2. Scan and Extract: Every business day, we open your mail and securely scan and index key data points to allow for searchability and routing to intended recipients.
  3. Route: NEdocs utilizes advanced capture software to identify, classify and prioritize key documents such as invoices and contracts. We deliver all electronic images and data to the intended recipient, providing a seamless flow of information through your organization.

For example, one of NEdocs’ clients is an organization involved in risk management services, which entails sorting through enormous volumes of insurance forms and processing the data. Their NEdocs-powered digital mailroom virtually eliminates manual mail processing and routes the data where it needs to go.

A Service You Can Bank On

Our Digital Mailroom services can work for virtually any industry or unique enterprise situation. We can even help speed up your cash flow by scanning checks and making deposits directly into your firm’s bank account along with a corresponding accounting report.

To implement a solution that meets each of our clients’ requirements, NEdocs utilizes sophisticated scanning and OCR software offered by industry leading technology organizations, such as Psigen and Forms Magic. Each solution is customized according to the client’s unique requirements and workflows.

Think about what your company and mailroom employees could gain by eliminating all the daily paper handling and focusing instead on serving customers and other priorities. For further information about how The Digital Mailroom can transform your organization, give us a call today at (603) 625-1171.

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