The Digital Mailroom – A “BPO” Solution for the New Business Reality

As the business environment transforms, companies must adapt to workplace changes including more employees working remotely. Day-to-day processes that were traditionally handled in-house are being re-evaluated.

Developing a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) strategy is the first step to assuring a successful transition to moving some of your processes out-of-house to specialized, high-efficiency experts.

Take for example the in-house Mailroom. Every day, volumes of paper mail must be received, sorted and routed according to the recipient and department. Considering the high cost of labor and HR administration, businesses need to more closely analyze outsourced processes that streamline operations while reducing costs.

NEdocs’ Digital Mailroom Solution represents BPO at its best. It’s carried out in a 3-step process that reduces mail routing costs and improves your business efficiency.

Our Digital Mailroom Solution works like this:

  • Step 1 – Receive: NEdocs picks up your mail each day at your office location or post office. Mail can also be forwarded directly to NEdocs’ using a designated postal address.
  • Step 2 – Scan and Extract: Every business day, we open your mail and securely scan & index key data points to allow for searchability and routing to the intended recipients.
  • Step 3 – Route: NEdocs utilizes advanced capture software to identify, classify and prioritize key documents such as invoices and contracts. We deliver all electronic images and data to the intended recipient, providing a seamless flow of information through your organization.

Maybe it’s time for your firm to take major step forward in digital transformation for greater efficiency. Curtail paper mail by implementing a Digital Mailroom in your organization.

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