Work Space is Too Valuable to Waste!

By NE Docs | November 6, 2018

Work Space Is Too Valuable To Easte!

Product and process documentation, marketing collateral, and regulatory paperwork are assets necessary for the success of every business. But have you considered that the way you store them directly impacts your profitability? Why devote valuable space (real estate) to storing aging paper documents and old customer files, when many or most will never be used again?

With the high cost of office and warehouse space, businesses can benefit by freeing up floor space by digitizing documents, including those large format blueprints and engineering drawings.

Better Use of Space

Any business, big or small, needs to account for the space it uses for both revenue and non-revenue-generating assets. Unfortunately, as necessary as documents are, paper documents create an expense. They must be stored, and storage costs money.

If you have a lot of empty space, it may seem fine to simply store physical documents in that unused space. But wouldn’t it be better to use all of your space for revenue-generating purposes? One significant way to achieve this is to reduce or even eliminate the floor space you currently use for storing physical documents, freeing it up for more productive activity such as an inside sales office or quality assurance station.

Reducing your paper storage footprint increases space-ROI

“Despite all of our online innovations, 99% of businesses still report that paper-based processes are still integral to their business. They just want a better way of managing all that paper.” (Excerpted from “How Digitizing Your Documents Will Save You Time, Money and Space”, Anthony Van Gessel.

So how do you manage paper better and at the same time reduce the cost and space associated with documents?

The solution is to scan and replace your paper documents with digitized documents because it:

  • Saves physical storage space by eliminating manila file folders and archived boxes,
  • Saves money by reducing productivity loss amongst your staff. Instead of hunting through physical files and boxes, they can simply conduct a search of the digitized files.

According to Forbes, a majority of businesses and their employees want to work and access files remotely. With corporate information critical for success, they can search digitized files more quickly and from anywhere.

Just think, as Gessel notes, “Invoices, bills, receipts, packing slips, purchase orders, HR documents, personnel files, contracts – the volume of essential paperwork is seemingly endless. However, an effective scanning solution means that all that important information is no longer captive to paper. Instead, it can be digitized and made available at the click of a button.” Digitizing documents is one of the best ways to provide your employees access to your company information.

Just say no to expensive and wasteful printing!

Office printing costs unnecessarily eat up time and money! Holly Condon, Principal at MBAF CPAs, noted, “When administrators craft a paperless document management policy, the most obvious savings tend to be in the everyday costs that are no longer there. For instance, when companies digitize and only rely on records that are housed on computers, they no longer must buy paper or ink in bulk, nor do they have to jump to hire a repairman the second a printer malfunctions.”

As we indicate on our Document Scanning Services page, “In a study from the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), members were asked to identify the three main drivers for scanning and data capture. The results found that improved search functionalities, reduced physical storage needs, and improved productivity are the primary reasons for implementing a document scanning solution.” All three positively affect your costs and your productivity including ROI on your existing space.

Work with a Document Scanning Expert

To implement a successful scanning solution, you can benefit from working with an advisor who has experience with digitizing a wide variety of physical documents. For over 30 years, New England Document Systems has been providing scanning services for companies throughout the Northeast for such documents as, invoices, employee records, large format documents, healthcare/medical records, student records, lab notebooks, quality assurance documentation, contracts, corporate records and yes, those full-sized blueprints and engineers drawings too!

For further information about implementing an effective scanning strategy, contact us online with your questions or call (603) 625-1171.

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